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Entertainment from Mozart

Entertainment from Mozart

Dec 3 2013 11:47 PM

Members of the Lodge of Loyal Service 5890 will be entertaining their ladies and guests at a traditional Christmas Informal on Friday 13th December 2013 at Yenton Masonic Rooms, Erdington.

The entertainers are the singing duo “Silhouette”, the keyboard being played by W Bro Andy Peate who is a past Master of Mozart Lodge 3735 and will certainly know what is required for such a “do”.

Every diner has an individual choice from the menu and all readers of the Lodge newsletter, which can be seen here, are invited to attend.

Yorkshire features Warwickshire

A visit by members of Minerva Lodge 250, based in Hull, to the Lodge of Allegiance 6000 in Warwickshire was featured in the Summer edition of The Yorkshire Mason magazine.

The two Lodges have made regular visits to each other during the last four years, following a rapport established by W Bro Mike Allcott, a Past Master of Allegiance, whilst he was working in Hull. Ten members of Allegiance attended Minerva's Installation ceremony in June this year.

A copy of the article can be seen here. Mike is in the centre of the photo.. 

A First for Integrity?

A First for Integrity?

Nov 20 2013 12:39 AM

The Lodge of Integrity 4563 conducted an unusual ceremony of passing when the candidate was Bro Tony Hill. Nothing unusual about the ceremony itself, but what was special was that Tony had been initiated into the Dionysos Lodge 9716, District of Cyprus (EC) just under a year previously.

Tony hails from Plymouth and is a saturation (aka deep sea) diver, working all over the world maintaining oil and gas installations. Breathing a mixture of oxygen, helium and hydrogen, his workplace is typically around 200m below the waves and he lives and works at that depth for up to a month at a time.  When his shift ends, the return to normal life is far from simple – Tony will spend up to seven days in a decompression chamber before heading home. Family priorities saw him return to the UK with his wife and they now have a home just down the road from the Yenton Assembly Rooms in Birmingham.

Members of the Lodge first met Tony earlier in the year when he asked if he could come and visit them. He obviously enjoyed the evening as the Lodge was delighted and honoured to be asked to pass him on behalf of his Mother Lodge back in Cyprus. After making contact with the Dionysos Lodge and ensuring all the necessary regulations had been complied with, the ceremony went very well and Tony is already hoping that the Lodge of Integrity will be able to conduct his raising!

Tony Hill (l) with Lodge of Integrity's Master Steve Tranter

Action Replay at Freedom

Action Replay at Freedom

Nov 29 2013 11:21 AM

When Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies W Bro Howard Smith agreed to become Master of the Lodge of Freedom 3914 for the second time round, he made it clear that he would seek support for the Lodge from wherever it might come. This proved particularly successful for the Lodge’s November 2013 meeting, which was attended by several visitors.

Howard had put word out that whilst all masons were of course welcome to come along and enjoy the initiation ceremony taking place at the Clarendon Suites, perhaps recently initiated members might like to see the ceremony once again, reminding them of their own experiences.

This resulted in visits from four Entered Apprentices including two from Worcestershire, all of whom were highly impressed by both the magnificent ceremony performed and the convivial festive board which followed, as were all the other visitors too.

(l-r) Muneeb Mirza & Aaran Matthews (Red Rose Lodge 7600), Richard Whitehouse (Candidate), Howard Smith,
       Marcus Brown (Lodge of Faith & Hope 4772), Raj Salan (Fraternity Lodge 4032)

Adding to History

Adding to History

Aug 19 2013 1:28 PM

W Bro Bruce Littley JP was delighted, albeit at rather short notice, to install his son, W Bro Vernon Littley, into the chair of Thomas Harper Lodge 9612 with great sensitivity and feeling.

The common theme of Masonic collections provides a continual source of research papers presented in the Lodge since its inception in 1996, Thomas Harper having been a jeweller, furniture maker and signatory to the Articles of Union in 1813. The jewels Harper produced are much sought after, not least to be worn at Lodge meetings by collectors.

The Lodge draws its membership from all over the country, including members from East Lancashire, West Lancashire, Yorkshire West Riding, Somerset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Essex, Wiltshire, Worcestershire and, of course, Warwickshire.  They even can boast the Grand Orator, W Bro Kai Hughes, as their Assistant Secretary!  Consequently, the ritual performed is a wonderful mix and thus provides a splendid daily advancement.

(l-r) Vernon and Bruce Littley


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